The 4 Makeup Products You Should Have When Stuck On A Desert Island

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December 19, 2017
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The 4 Makeup Products You Should Have When Stuck On A Desert Island

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I’m sure all of you women have been asked the proverbial question… “What ONE makeup item would you want with you if you were stuck on a desert island”? I’m sure the answer varies from person to person and might change from time to time based on the trend of the moment. However, I am extending that one product to four. What are the 4 Makeup products you should have when stuck on a desert island?

  • The first essential everyone must have is a facial cleaning product. If you don’t have the ability to wash your face in a sink or shower you should have a product available to remove the grime left from the day. You can’t have a beautiful face without a beautiful canvas! Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes are capable of removing dirt, makeup, and mascara gently and usually with a single swipe. Since one cannot carry a large plastic case full of towelettes along everywhere she goes, having individual packets like La Fresh Eye and Lip Makeup Remover cloths are perfect.
  • The second product you should own is moisturizer. We’ve all heard it a million times…use a moisturizer with an SPF daily to save your skin! They say it for a reason! Using a moisturizer can actually make you look younger because dehydrated skin can look dull and sunken in; moisturizer undoes that problem.
  • Next, you should always have a chap stick (tinted if you have a choice). Chap stick not only keep your lips hydrated but if it is tinted, it can also be used as a makeshift blush. Rub some of the stick onto your finger and work it into the apples of your cheeks. This will bring just a touch of shine and a little color to your cheeks. In a pinch tinted chap stick can also work as an eye shadow (be sure your chap stick doesn’t have menthol!). Again, all you need to do is rub a bit of it on your fingertip and spread over your lids. Bonus if you chap stick has tiny (key word here) flecks of sparkle. If your stick does have sparkle, do the blush or the eyes color only; don’t do both. Having sparkling flecks on your lips, cheeks and eyes is overkill!
  • Your last makeup must is clear mascara. Not only does it make your eyelashes look long and shiny but it also works to tame brows. If you have a few brows that don’t want to be tamed, brush a little clear mascara on them to put them into place. The same can be done for unruly flyaways.
  • These items would be my “must haves” on a desert island. They are so versatile that you can do almost anything with them. This is also why they should be the main items hiding out in your purse. If you should ever get caught stranded somewhere you can still pull off a beautiful look without your normal makeup arsenal.

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