Oprah’s Beloved Beauty Products: Part 1

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December 23, 2017
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Oprah’s Beloved Beauty Products: Part 1

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Let’s have a talk about Oprah’s beloved beauty products. Comparaisons, reviews and choices. We will give details about differents brands choosen by the most recognized lady in the U.S. You can get more informations at https://kamenstudio.com

Estee Lauder

Advanced Night Repair

With just a few drops of this fabulous potion every night, you will really begin to see the repair of your skin that is often stressed and damaged by daily life. This product scientifically heightens skins natural repair response. It will neutralize up to 90 percent of the environmental conditions we face everyday. The condition that causes our skin to age faster than it should! Has anything Estee Lauder produced for us let us down? Nope. This product sounds like a keeper to me.

Clinique Redness Solution

Daily Relief Cream

I know I could use some of this daily relief cream right now! This formula has been dermatologist- certified to measurably reduce redness. Whether you suffer from reactive redness or Rosacea this product will do the trick for you. Also, Clinique recognizes that not all facial redness is the same, so they offer consultation to help decide which redness reducing cream will work best for you. Irritated, itchy, on and off flare ups are usually happen when our skin is reacting to weather, stress and cosmetic procedures. These kinds of irritants can be utterly relieved by Clinique’s Daily Relief cream.


Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Makeup

L’oreal never ceases to amaze me with all their top notch products they come out with left and right! If you prefer all natural, barely there kind of makeup this might be the option for you. This mineral makeup is in its purest form according to L’oreal. L’oreal promotes flawless coverage with a soft focus, with Mica and Kaolin as the healthy ingredients. The skin improving benefits are a younger looking skin that feels 4x softer, because of the minerals calcium an copper. L’oreal’s product is safe for those of you with sensitive skin. This product is also made with aloe, SPF 19 and is preservative and fragrance free.

Lancome Paris

Absolute Ultimate Bx, Replenishing and Restructuring Serum

I have not reviewed any of Lancome’s products before. However, Lancome has a wonderful serum just released that is highly concentrated in Pro-Xylane that acts deep in skins surface to restore its essential moisture from the inside out. Lancome’s serum is blended with wild yam, soy, brown algae and barely. These ingredients help to ward off deep wrinkles and helps tighten loose and slackened skin. According to Lancome, wrinkles are reduced. 83 percent of women who tested this product said their skin was much softer. Within about 8 weeks 76 percent of women attested to younger vibrant looking skin and 77 percent said their skin was more even toned.

Oprah’s Beloved Beauty Products Part 2


New Outlast Lip Color

New Outlast Lip Color beautifully modeled by the lovely Queen Latifah has a new top coat. This new moisturizing top coat has forty one stunning shades. No other store brand lipstick has this many colors to choose from and the longest wearing abilities. If you want to see the difference the New Outlast will have on your lovely lips, you can view pictures of their models at covergirl.com.

Advanced Radiance

Okay so Covergirl does it again with another amazing and beneficial product. Advanced Radiance is a liquid makeup that: 1. softens the appearance of fine lines, 2. minimizes the appearance of Shadows, 3. Helps skin look brighter and more radiant. Advanced Radiance Liquid Makeup moisturizes on a continual bases, well really for eight long hours at a time! According to Covergirl this makeup reduces the appearance of fine lines up to 84 percent on average. The older we get the less light reflects off our faces, creating shadows that make us look older than what we are. Advanced Radiance helps to smooth out the texture of our skin to help light better reflect of our skin. This make really does help to boost the look of our skin in a warm glow fashion.

Oprah's Beloved Beauty Products: Part 1


Weight loss Aid

Exercise and dieting work pretty good if you stick to it long enough to see the pounds shed off your body. However, if you are anything like me you like to see the pounds shed off quickly. Now if you do decide to take Alli you will not drop 20 pounds in a week, but if you want to lose 10 pounds in a month with Alli you will lose fifteen pounds. Alli absorbs 50 percent of the fat you intake. You do have to be on a low fat eating plan in order to really benefit from this product. I recommend it, only if you stay on a low fat eating plan. According to Alli, about 90 percent of Alli user who completed a three month consumer study were successful in losing weight and maintained a healthy diet. If you are not really up to going on a totally low fat diet, try cutting your portions in half and limiting extra fatty snacks from your diet. For more information on getting started with Alli go www.myalli.com. You can read some pretty cool testimonies about Alli on their site.

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