How to Make Your Wavy Hair Curly

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How to Make Your Wavy Hair Curly

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If you have thick and wavy hair or thin hair with a natural wave, it’s fairly easy to create a head of beautiful curls. Wavy hair does tend to hold a curl easily with the help of some basic hair styling tools, and you can use hairspray or hair serum to keep the curl in your hair for extended periods of time. Steam rollers and small-barrel curling irons are among the best tools for creating soft, natural-looking curls and corkscrew curls in wavy hair. Let’s try to figure out the best way to make wavy hair curly.

How to Make Your Wavy Hair Curly

Here are some essential hair tips for making your wavy hair curly:

Steam Hair Rollers to Turn Wavy Hair into Curly Hair

I’ve found that steam hair rollers are particularly effective for creating corkscrew and larger curls in wavy hair. The heat and water in the curler helps create the ideal curl in even the thickest of hair, and these curler sets are easy to handle and work with. If you don’t have a steam curl set, a one-inch barrel curling iron is your next best bet.

Curling Irons to Create Curly Hair

A one-inch or two-inch heated curling iron can also help to turn wavy hair into curly hair. To create curly hair, you’ll need to separate your hair into one-inch or two-inch sections and curl each section using the curling iron. Set the curls using a lightweight hairspray or finishing spray, and comb through with a super-wide toothed comb if the curls start to fall flat by midday.

Other Hair Tips for Making Your Wavy Hair Curly

Wavy hair does tend to hold a curl longer than naturally straight hair, but you can take extra steps to preserve that coveted curl for hours and hours. Some other hair care tips for making wavy hair curly:

– Always pre-treat your hair with a heat protectant spray so that you don’t damage your hair from heat styling

– Brush in a leave-in conditioner before styling to keep hair shiny and smooth

– Tame frizz and make wavy hair more manageable with a lightweight hair gel or shine serum. Just remember that a little goes a long way!

– Towel dry hair thoroughly before blow drying and styling. Excessive use of your blow dryer can make your wavy hair more difficult to manage and may create more frizz. Let your hair naturally dry as much as possible before styling for optimal results.

Making your wavy hair curly doesn’t take very long when you use the right tools and hair care products. Use these tips to create beautiful, long-lasting curls in wavy hair. Please check the previous post.

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